Marco Grassi Grama - Studio Spreafico

National Law

The national legal activity takes place in extrajudicial and judicial areas. Studio Spreafico & Partners believes that recourse to judicial action should be the last resort, once every possible real alternative has been exhausted.
The following are the skills of the firm in the various fields of activity:

Marco Grassi Grama - Studio Spreafico

International Law

The activity related to International area has expanded with the development of the synergies that characterise Legal Netlink Alliance, a worldwide network of independent law firms of which Studio Spreafico & Partners is also an active member.

The network, with offices in Chicago and London, ranked with its 80 firmsand around 1500 lawyers among the top ten in the world sphere, allows Studio Spreafico & Partners to offer both legal and out-of-court legal services beyond national borders and complete assistance to companies that intend to enlarge their business area.

Studio Spreafico & Partners is able to manage problems directly in English French and German