La Nostra Storia

The lawyer Roberto Spreafico initially operates in the metropolitan area of Milan and Como, providing legal services to businesses and individuals in the civil law field.

Towards the end of the 90s the professional association "Gallo - Toscani - Spreafico" is created. The association expands its competencies by providing legal assistance and legal advice also in criminal matters and in family law. The Association also becomes a member of the GEIE Omni Juris based in Paris.

In 2003 a new association is set up, Studio Interprofessionale, with offices in Saronno, Milan and Como. The association includes numerous professionals from different disciplines, with a "one-stop-shop" perspective.

Studio Interprofessionale, therefore, participates in the foundation of Legal Netlink, a network of international law firms (later Legal Netlink Alliance).

Studio Spreafico & Partners

During 2008 , following a spin-off of the legal area from the previous association, Studio Spreafico was constituted. The new studio provides services and consultancy in all the areas in which the company's activities take place, regarding both civil and criminal law. Particular attention is paid to the international activity of companies. Studio Spreafico also specialises in the areas of commercial contracting, new technologies and privacy.

In the following years, the skills of the firm continue to grow with the entry into the team of new partners in multidisciplinary fields. Studio Spreafico & Partners is structured to cover further specific areas. Among these, family law and bankruptcy law, so as to be able to provide interdisciplinary services also in tax and labor matters.

Studio Spreafico & Partners is also an active member of Legal Netlink Alliance (LNA), a network of international law firms based in London and Chicago.